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Is there a reliable and fast Internet connection?

At the moment the 4G is great on the island and perfectly adequate. Part of our mission is to secure high-speed wi-fi connectivity for the community through EU funding.

What about accommodation?

At the moment we do not have our own accommodation for people to stay in/rent. There are, however, many privately let places to live.

How do you handle leadership and decision making processes?

This is in process. We’d love to hear your views.

What cost can I expect

At the present the cost of transport, accommodation and some minimal food expenses are the responsibility of the individual. The Canaries are up to 60% cheaper than most Northern European countries. We encourage people to be independent with their money and time.

What about airmiles?

This is a tricky one for us. Without diving too deep into debates here, we can only say at this stage we can’t see a practical way around people flying here, and that their time and life here should be of great benefit. We do run a carbon-offsetting scheme, but it is not yet entirely net-zero.

What about my work?

You are welcomed and encourage to bring and work on your own projects and career. We conceive of Earth+ as a space within the wider world, that hopefully integrates in a positive way; not a commune where nothing else outside exists.

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