People shouldn’t be battery hens in a concrete jungle

We envision a Smart Community with everything that the Canaries have to offer :

  • Good food
  • Climate and nature
  • Life less alienated from production
  • More connected
  • Shared spaces, facilities and projects.

We’re pragmatic Utopians who believe in our own collective agency

We’re a community of like-minded individuals, eager to act and start living the change we want to see in the world.

We want to grow somewhere where modern people actually want to live, work and follow their passions.

Being here together for each other and, at the same time, for something that is more than each other.

The centre of our community is a shared belief in the power of non-separation and coming together, to collaborate on a more conscious form of modern living.

A place where to swap unchecked consumption and unhealthy competition for feelings of sufficiency and community identity

In our small way we feel that how we live matters. We know this deep in our hearts. While we don’t have all the answers, we are willing to experiment and explore what we believe is possible.


As members of Earth+ we have many shared values and purposes. However, we are aware of how sectarianism divides us and becomes exclusionary.

Whether you’re a parent or a plumber, a Buddhist or a business person, we welcome and encourage all who are interested.

Rather than labelling our inevitable differences as markers of distinction, we step into a conscious engagement with our common nature based around shared tasks and goals.

We don’t come together as ‘-isms’ and ‘-ists’

When everyone feels sufficient in themselves, it is easier to step into the space of non-separation. That sense of contentment and fulfilment applies to all aspects of being human, from wellbeing to finance, from work to friendship.
Ideologies of ‘progress’, ‘betterment’ and excessive striving, can often reinforce feelings of insufficiency, inadequacy and competition. Whereas when people feel sufficient and fulfilled, that itself is a great source of motivation, from which creativity and consideration of others naturally arise.
We believe that when we act from a place of separation from ourselves, one another and the planet, suffering invariably ensues.
We are tired of living in a culture where the narrative of separation and individualism is the dominant one, where ‘my’ success is at the expense of ‘yours’, where we are divorced from our deep emotional intelligence, where it is easy enough to turn a blind eye.