Earth+ is a non-profit organization registered in the Canary Islands.

We are a nature-based solution that generates bioeconomy and positive climate change.

It is a scientific-technical program that relies on the knowledge of the local community.

The activities will be:

  • Identifying areas at higher risk of fire
  • Locating owners of abandoned lands
  • Reducing forest fuel and converting it into valuable products
  • Maintaining and planting trees
  • Implementing firebreaks
  • Agriculture: agroforestry and permaculture, including animals, fruits, and vegetables
  • Applying forest management to existing forest areas to achieve a balanced situation
  • Identifying monospecific forest masses and abandoned reforestation areas for actions that enhance their intra and interspecific biodiversity.

Results and Benefits:

  • Increased area with low fire risk and enhanced resilience of forest masses
  • Bioeconomy/forestry: animal products, fruits, and vegetables
  • Reduced risk of fires due to effective management
  • Reverse urbanization and resilient rural infrastructures
  • Increased soil and air moisture
  • Erosion reduction
  • Green entrepreneurship and employment
  • Nature therapy, ecotourism, and education
  • Knowledge and educational innovation
  • Protection of natural capital

Ralf’s land, which is part of our team, was destroyed by the 2020 wildfire in Garafía. Since then, 185 trees have grown, and enough soil has been created to cover an area equivalent to 1.5 football fields with a depth of 3 feet.

The trees chosen for cultivation by Ralf are a variety of fruit trees that require less water. He has also planted ground cover crops such as Bonios, pumpkins, and melons.

This area is now at reduced risk of fire due to consistent land maintenance and mindful water usage.

Current Project Status:

The project currently has €170k in private investment, and we are actively seeking regional and governmental grants. Additionally, we are in the process of locating suitable land to initiate the project.

Jaime Pérez Monreal

Jaime Pérez Monreal

Founder and Engineer

Technical forestry engineer specialized in forest restoration in the Canary Islands.

Currently focused on post-fire restoration, hydrological correction, and preventive forestry, with experience in firefighting and forest mass management.

In this project, our aim is to apply forest management techniques to bring forest masses to a state of equilibrium and resilience against potential disturbances. Our goal is to enhance biodiversity and socio-economic sustainability.

Sophie Cauchois

Sophie Cauchois

Founder & Agroecology Technician

Qualified professional in agroecology, with expertise in permaculture and biodynamics.

With 10 years of experience working on both large and small-scale farms across Europe and the United States.

Residing in La Palma for the past 6 years, she is currently leveraging her experience and knowledge to establish a logical and sustainable economic-agricultural system.



Meet Laura, a forestry technical engineer with up-to-date training in
Soil microbiology and mycorrhizal management. Her experience in floriculture, fruit growing and
Regenerative horticulture makes her a resilient and committed professional. With a passion for teaching and insertion in the forestry world, Laura seeks to manage the
sustainable water and contribute to a better and more biodiverse world. Discover Laura and let yourself inspire by her dedication and vision for a greener future! The Secret of Moving Forward is to start! Hands down to the Earth

Ben Crawford

Ben Crawford

Founder and Programming

From 2004 until 2022, Ben Crawford gained business experience in technology-related industries.

In 2023, he transitioned his career and is now applying his transferable skills to non-profit Earth-based endeavors. He is the program manager of this project.

We are looking for:

We are looking for:

Tree Engineer or Biologist<br />

We are seeking another tree engineer or biologist with skills in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) or a scientific or academic background in terms of project methodology, data, or statistics.

We are looking for:

We are looking for:

Experts hydrological systems and water

In 2024 we will investigate the macro impact of water use for humans / agriculture and how that effects: rainfall, drought and fire in the Canary Islands.

If you’d like to join the project in any way, please get in touch at